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Some facts



More than 1000 airlines integrated


Payments methods

Have a wallet? Or internet banking? Or cryptocurrency? It is way to pay for tickets



More then 120 lowcosters are integrated to



2 bots for support and help. 1st bot for asking copy of your ticket. 2nd help you to find fly.


Best routes for regular clients providing insurance for different airlines routes combinations. If your your fly are delayed, we will buy new ticket for you or exchange it

Why provide to you best routes, because we can combinate different class of airlines. Like as lowcosters and regular airlines. It is help to save price for ticket on low level. For example, You need fly from San Diego to Kiev. Traditional system are provided route like United Airlines + Lufthanza. provided routes in combination United Airlines + Ryanair (regular airlines + lowcoster). You will save a lot of money. for business

Easy way to start travel business 
boost your current.

All for business

Easy start, easy work


One agreement 

For access to all airlines content you are needed only 1 agreement. No special deposits, no special certifications.


26 currencies

26 currencies for travel agent payments. It help to save money on bank transfers and convertations.


Ways for support

Phone, email, ticket system, chat on website and apps, 5 messengers - all for client and partners support.


Free of charge not ask about 300K deposit like GDS. No need special skills. All easy and clear.


Simple system for travel business

No need special skills. No deposite and certification fee

System for business provide access to content for more then 1000 airlines, lowcosters included in one simple interface. for business can use for starting new business, add more airlines content to current business. For non-travel industry for business can help to make cheaper business trips. Just register and you can buy tickets for your business trip by partner price without commision to travel agency.


Easy way to start travel business 
boost your current.


Without programming

White Label module provide easy integration to your website. Just add simple HTML-code from private cabinet on - your website start working like as website for online ticket sale. You can change colors, fonts and other elements from private cabinet without any changes on your website. Payment system are included to White Label module


API are provided API for third party integration. Your can use this API to make your own bookihg system, or make your own apps for tickets sale. Or use it in your project, like as internet banking, client service system and etc.

Hotlines for cusomer support

Please contact with us for your questions about tickets, booking and more by next phones worldwide
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