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Start or improve your travel business

For travel agents and services, who want add tickets sales to own services

  1. One agreemnt - No need aggrement with each airlines. One agreement with - access to more then 1000 airlines and lowcoster content. Price of agreement  - free of charge,
  2. Easy interface - No any "black screens". Easy and same interface, like as for regular client on website. No need special training and certifications. 
  3. 26 currencies - No need convert your payment for topup balance in system to EUR or USD. You can trnsfer funds in 26 currencies. You can see price ticket in same currency as you pay.
  4. 3 types of booking payment - Agent can use next type of payments for bookings. Static - each agent have balance in, what can be recharged in different payment methods: from wire transfer to cryptocurrency payment. Balance shared between all operators of agent. Dynamic - agent's operator can pay for booking by cards, wallets and other supported payment methods. Share - agent's operator prepare booking and sent link to booking to client via email, messanger. Client click and pay agent price by their card or other available payment methods. Agent margin come to agent's account.
  5. Free of charge - access to system are free of charge. Just make agreement and ask about count of operators. You can add or decrease/block operators in any time. It is free of charge.
  6. Price control - not paid any commision to agent. provided net price. Agent can configure rules how to calculate price for client via interface in agent's cabinet. It can be static rules or based on set of conditions (date/source/destination/airlines and etc). Agent by self decide what commision he want to add to net price. 

Screenshots of interface for travel agents

Easy interface without "black screens"

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